Mark your calendars for the upcoming Community Meeting this Wednesday, July 26th! We have an exciting announcement to make: the availability of the LLM called Nebula. If you’re curious about what Nebula has to offer, this is the perfect opportunity to join our vibrant community and expand your knowledge. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking session! Nebula Large Language Model

The discussion topics will include:

  • The Announcement of Nebula, the LLM
  • What can Nebula do for me?
  • Demo: Walkthrough of the UI
  • Demo: Walkthrough of the API
  • Discuss the benefits of using Nebula
  • Demo: Integration ideas with Nebula

That’s right! We plan on having three demos in this meeting as a sneak preview of what you can expect in this unbelievable private beta release.

If you want more information before the Community Meeting, I invite you to look at this blog post where’s CTO Toshish Jawale talks about Nebula, its use cases, and highlights of this announcement. If you are interested in participating in the private beta, you can request access through the following link:

My goal is to do the proverbial “mic drop” with the demo on integration ideas. The aim is to enable others and get their creative juices flowing with unique community-driven integration ideas! We want to see your integrations in action. If you have an exciting integration idea for Nebula, please tweet with the hashtag #NebulaLLM or drop us a line in the Community Slack under #general.

How Do I Join and Participate in the Meeting?

This month’s meetings will take place Wednesday, July 26th at 11 am PST – Invite (Convert to your Timezone). We invite you to learn more about Nebula, ask questions, and join the discussion!

How do I join the Community Meeting, you ask? Just…

I hope to see you all there!

David vonThenen
David vonThenen
Developer Advocate

David is a self-described Tech geek and Developer Advocate enabling others to process communications to derive conversation intelligence. David talks Kubernetes/containers, VMware virtualization, backup recovery/replication solutions, adaptors in hardware storage connectivity, and everything else that is tech!