As part of our effort to drive developer innovation, launched a Devpost Hackathon earlier this year. Our Devpost hackathon came on the heels of our previous hacks at @TADHacks.

The Devpost hackathon was launched on February 1st, 2021, spanning across two months, and generated over 200 participants. Developers competed for the chance to win up to $10,100 in prizes and swag.

The focus of the hackathon was to build or extend applications with’s APIs to contextually extract insights such as topics, sentiment, action items etc… to create new user experiences around voice and video inputs.

A big shout out to our amazing panel of judges, including Scott Dart from AWS, and executives, Surbhi Rathore (CEO), Toshish Jawale (CTO), and Anthony Claudia (Head of Product).

The hackathon saw a wide array of AI powered, real-time communication/engagement use-cases around conversational intelligence, conversation intelligence APIs, conversation platform analytics, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), APIs, WebSockets, and more…

There were three impressive submissions:

First Place Winner:

Gustavo Zomer (@g_zomer), a PhD Student in Machine Learning and NLP, an e-learning enablement app, called Smart Class. In Zomer’s description, “Smart Class allows students to easily review lectures by automatically transcribing the recordings, organizing the content, and adding insights in a user-friendly interface.” Zomer combined’s APIs with a Python-based natural language toolkit (NLTK) to effectively extract insights such as Questions, Topics, Action items, and Follow-ups.

View Zomer’s winning submission.

Second Place Winner:

Nishantt Thapliyal (@nishantt95) submitted an application designed to help call centers increase customer satisfaction. Combining APIs, Node JS, Express.js, EJS, Bootstrap, Websockets and other technologies, Nishantt was able to bring to life an app that is capable of generating real-time transcription and analytics on any zoom call.

View Nishantt’s winning submission here

Third Place Winner:

Mahesh Satya Vardhan (@Harshasatyavar1) submitted a brilliant virtual assistant app designed to make a student’s life better. He effectively leveraged APIs to build an app to automatically take note by converting lectures and videos into transcripts.

View Mahesh’s winning submission here

Our team at is really thankful for all of the hackers who participated. A lot of the other submissions, which are still available for viewing on our Devpost Hackathon Project Gallery page. If you liked the submissions, especially the winners’, feel free to support your favorite them by liking, sharing, and commenting on them.


Interested in joining’s next hackathon? Connect with us on Twitter and/or our Slack community and keep an eye out for our announcements.


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Eric Giannini
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