The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we work, interact with family and friends, and get the support we need. Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities are being used to treat patients afflicted with this serious disease, which has prompted medical professionals to take appointments remotely for routine check-ups, therapy sessions, and other medical cases. With inpatient care and all communications going digital, there are abundant opportunities to change the way healthcare is performed for the better.

Existing and emerging telehealth products can fundamentally impact the way patients and healthcare providers communicate. By integrating Symbl’s secure conversational intelligence APIs to HIPAA-compliant platforms, doctors and healthcare professionals can:

Focus less on documentation and more on patient care

Healthcare professionals are used to spending countless hours taking notes or transcribing during appointments in order to keep detailed records of patient medical history, which are then integrated into electronic medical records (EMR). 

Symbl provides automated and real-time  transcriptions of conversations, capturing every important detail, setting follow-up appointments. The time saved could be spent in seeing more patients, reducing the overhead of documentation and providing more quality care. 


Derive actionable record

Transcriptions are only one part of gathering intelligence during an appointment. Once the conversation ends, notes need to be combed through manually to source and organize data points about the patient.  

Symbl automatically creates a library of conversation topics and pulls actionable next steps from the conversation. Build out an integration to have these next steps added to a calendar platform or imported into the patient’s EMR. The Conversation API can be integrated into an existing telehealth application. 

Using Symbl’s APIs

Symbl’s APIs can be easily  integrated with audio and video conferencing platforms using SIP or PSTN to produce valuable conversation data 

Or, if you’re building your own telehealth application running virtual appointments, integrate directly with the audio stream using Websocket integration or use the recorded voice data to enhance the experience. 

The world of healthcare is rapidly changing, ushering in new opportunities to make communication easier, effective, and effortless.


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