Real-time, intelligent transcription for video, audio, and text. enables accurate speech-to-text capabilities for variety of use cases, across all conversation channels. Transcribe conversations in real-time though WebSockets and a variety of streaming protocols, or asynchronously from recorded audio, video, and text files.

 Real-time and Asynchronous

Transcribe conversations from live audio and video, or from recorded files.

Supports multiple languages and accents

Over 20 languages and accent variations are supported.

Speaker Separation

Identify unique speakers in a conversation and predict which utterances belong to whom.

Multi-streaming connections

Supports any number of streaming audio connections in a single session.

Custom vocabulary

Increase transcription quality by supplementing’s domain agnostic speech engine with your own industry terms, keywords and phrases.

Paragraph formatting and punctuation

Markdown formatting and auto punctuation increases transcription readability.

Multiple formats

Export your transcription as SRT or markdown to be directly plugged into video players for closed captions.

Use Cases

Real-time captioning

Add subtitles to live video conferencing or webinars for seamless collaboration or add captioning to a customer care call for agent assistance.

Search and Accessibility

Process archived audio and video files to create easy to read, searchable conversations, unlocking data hidden away in thousands of hours of files.

Conversation Analysis

Monitor conversations with customers. In conjunction with Symbl’s other powerful APIs unlock insights and speaker analytics and improve the quality of each interaction.



Comprehensive APIs for transcribing any conversation.

Developer Docs

Get started transcribing quickly with our docs.

Javascript SDK

Start transcribing in real-time with our JS SDK.