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Product Features

Transcription Plus

  • Ingest and process conversations across all channels in real-time or asynchronously
    Supports video, audio and text
  • Auto detect and separate unique speakers
    Speaker separation
  • Automatically generate paragraphs with your transcripts
    Auto paragraph generation
  • Over 30 languages are supported by Transcription Plus
    Supports multiple languages
  • Automatically tag and associate speakers with their respective parts of the transcript.
    And more…

Conversation Analytics

  • Know who is talking, how fast they were talking and how long they were talking
    Speaker(s) ratio, pace, and talk time
  • Measure the number of words spoken by speakers
    Words spoken per minute (WPM)
  • Get sentiment analysis on sentence-by-sentence basis
    Sentence-level sentiment
  • See how often speakers speak over each other
    Speakers overlap percentage

Contextual Insights

  • Auto detect questions asked in any conversation
    Auto questions detection
  • Auto detect follow ups in any conversation
    Auto follow ups detection
  • Auto detect action items in any conversation
    Auto action items detection

Conversation Topics

  • Detect and generate high level topics discussed
    Auto topic detection and generation
  • Get sentiment analysis on a topic level
    Sentiment analysis on topics
  • Automatically generate structure in form of topics and sub topics
    Topic Hierarchies

Custom Trackers

  • Build and activate as many custom trackers as you want
    Unlimited trackers
  • Track contextually relevant words and phrases using machine learning
    Contextual relevance detection
  • Track exact and similar keywords using context understanding
    Keyword spotting
  • Track unique user intents based on custom vocabulary and context
    User intents
  • Automatically tag and associate speakers with their respective parts of the transcript.
    And more…

Additional Tools and Services

Experience Integration

  • Composable javascript elements that can be embedded into your app
    JS elements
  • Pre-built hosted experience, whitelabelled available as a URL or IFrame
    Pre-built hosted UIs


  • Delete a conversation programmatically using conversation ID
    API deletion
  • Customize data retention rules for your private deployment
    Custom data retention
    (available with paid plans)


  • Where developers learn and build conversation intelligence applications, together! Developer community
  • Committed SLAs and named support engineers
    Business support (available with paid plans)


  • A cloud service running on’s cloud with standard authentication, security and privacy features
    Shared/Public Environment
  • A data residency-compliant solution with dedicated cloud service, higher SLAs and performance
    Enterprise private deployment
    (available with paid plans)

Reporting (coming soon)

  • Understand usage behaviour and insights applicable to integration
    Usage analytics
  • UI representation of trends and insights of usage metrics application to integration
    Usage dashboards


Will I be charged for every API call I make?


No. Charges only apply to the actual minutes and/or words of all conversations processed. You will not be charged separately on the usage of conversation APIs for extracting intelligence, generating analytics, or building custom trackers.

What does it mean to use or pay for minutes and/or words?


The number of minutes on the conversations (video and audio) you process on our platform and products. Number of words is the unit of credit we use to measure the processing of text files

Audio and video are processed in minutes, or words if you already have the conversations transcribed

How are users charged for the Pro plan?


It’s a Pay-as-you-go model, where users are only charged for what they used beyond the 1000 mins and/or 10000 words. No credits will need to be purchased ahead of time, we will charge your credit card for what you have used at the end of each month.

Is it possible to submit a purchase order (PO) and/or get an invoice?


Yes, but only available for the Enterprise plan. Contact us if you would like more information

Are there discounts for educational and non-profit organizations?


Absolutely! We are happy to be of any help and supporting relevant organizations, with discounts and/or free credits. Contact us to learn more

What deployment models are included with each plan?


We offer public deployment by default on cloud. We are hosted in GCP. However, for enterprise-scale deployments, we also support dedicated private tenants as well as VPC tunnelling to secure and isolate the flow of data as well as to enable customer configurations and capabilities.

What are the options for data retention


By default ingest conversations and processed intelligence are retained with No audio recordings or voice streams are stored by, and are automatically purged with processing. To be able to have control on the data retained, we provide a Delete API that enables developers to programmatically delete conversations by conversation ID. In the dedicated private hosting options, businesses can choose custom data retention options for which you can contact our sales.

What are concurrent connections?


Concurrent connections applies to the numbers of concurrent streams that can be processed in real time or the numbers of jobs for asynchronous processing for batch mode. We support 5 concurrent connections in a free plan, 50 when you upgrade to pay as you go. If you are looking to increase concurrency for your implementations, please contact our sales team for high scale deployment options.

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