The missing element in your social media strategy

Customers interact with your company across a range of social sites – Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and more. Social media monitoring systems identify updates on these channels just fine, but it is rare for business units outside marketing to benefit from and act on the feedback from these channels. You could generate valuable information from these conversations if you had enough resources to mine through it. What you need is a tool to aggregate learnings for the wider organization that can manage the chaotic manner in which humans communicate.

Why you should ingest social conversations as part of your conversational intelligence strategy

Tools that give you the ability to ingest limited channels of conversational data should be bypassed in favor of one that gives you the ability to connect customer data from all conversational interactions. Given that over half of the world’s population is on social media, you want a solution that helps you add social media conversations enhanced with intelligence to your platform. Since an increasing number of consumers expect the businesses they interact with to know their sentiments no matter the channel they used to communicate, you risk being left behind if you don’t adapt your strategy.

Unlocking intelligence in social media conversations

Whether you want to identify trending topics, collect customer feedback, discover gaps in your market, or understand what you’re doing right or wrong, social media interactions are necessary additions to modern workforce collaboration intelligence. This powerful data if used properly can help you derive far-reaching insights for your business. But without the intelligence layer, social media interactions will languish in your data lake and prevent your company from benefiting from a potential treasure trove of data.

Key benefits to adding intelligence to your social media conversations:

To ensure you save time and money by using artificial intelligence to make sense of social media conversations at scale, it is important to consider which benefits your business needs to prioritize. We put together some key benefits here, but depending on your use case, you may find others to be even more beneficial.

  • Automatic enrichment of customer data in your CRM from generated insights that would otherwise take humans hours to comb through and then manually add
  • AI-powered extraction of summary topics that help you extract information from product reviews, threads of conversation, and social media commentary that otherwise would be unwieldy to use. And better yet, they should be contextually identified, not because of the frequency of their occurrence.
  • Another source of data to inform knowledge base articles or support streams thanks to aggregated customer interactions easily achieved by filtering by topic
  • Any explicit questions or requests for information should be recognized as a question and automatically flagged for follow up, no human agent required
  • Automatic surfacing if a comment needs additional follow up to deliver on your customer service promise

The take home

It’s clear that including social media data combined with intelligence is helpful for businesses that want to automate processes to improve customer experience and propel their customer communications into the future. If you aren’t sure how to get started, Symbl is the API platform for modern workforce collaboration businesses. With Symbl, you can expect a fast set-up thanks to our developer optimized quick start guide and documentation, hassle-free integration, and the ability to add additional capabilities beyond social media ingestion to your product with ease and efficiency from one interface. Becoming a customer is easy. Get started for free on Symbl’s Platform today.

Looking for support?

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