On September 1st, 2021, Symbl.ai’s “Integrate to Disrupt” Hackathon came to a close. Hosted on the HackerEarth platform, the hackathon spanned across five months, and engaged over 2000 participants, and generated some highly impressive submissions.

The hackathon process was divided into two phases, the first being an ideation phase, the second being an execution phase. During the ideation phase more than 80+ ideas were submitted and over 50 teams submitted completed projects. Upon thorough review of all the submissions, most being very impressive, we, the Symbl.ai team, had a hard time picking the three winners.

The theme of Symbl.ai’s HackerEarth “Integrate to Disrupt” hackathon sought to galvanize developers to access conversational intelligence throughout their voice, video, message or broadcast applications. In the overarching theme of the hackathon, the team at Symbl.ai sought to encourage developers to connect, transform or visualize.

  • CONNECT your apps and automate voice enabled workflows. With Symbl.ai, you can process voice, video calls and stream the analytics and outcomes to your day to day apps like Jira, Slack, Trello, Zapier and more.
  • VISUALIZE with real-time database and extend using cloud/lambda functions. With Symbl.ai, you can stream all transcription and conversation analytics to a real time database like Firebase, AWS, MongoDB etc and extend your apps with Cloud, Lambda, Realm functions and build cool outcomes.
  • TRANSFORM voice or video conversations to another form of representation. With Symbl.ai, you can transform voice or video into chat, live feed, SMS, emoji, gifs, images etc…
  •  INNOVATE and build whatever you want. With Symbl.ai, you have access to all of its AI capabilities by hitting some end points… use it to create something completely “out of the box”

Submissions were judged on the basis of a few guidelines. These guidelines were for developers to connect to Symbl.ai through one or more of its source types such as Connect to Symbl.ai through one of its Source Types (i.e., Telephony, Streaming, Async) with a Conversation API together with API from another company. Developers were required to provide a GitHub URL with a link to their code repositories with a YouTube video of no more than three minutes. Below are the winners.

Ultimately, we determined the top three projects and announced the results online through a live stream, the winning submissions were:

  1. Desk – by Mehul Nirala
  2. BOTALYSIS(CHATBOT & CONVERSATION ANALYZER) / Vishleshan: Video Analyzing Platform – by Team Vulcan and Team TriDev
  3. Augmented Transcripts / Drill Down  – by a team led by Sophia Sydir

The first prize winner, Mehul Nirala, created an office utility service built on the comprehensive suite of APIs provided by Symbl.ai. His submission manages the task/action items discussed over meetings/conversations, maps them to appropriate assignees, and presents a summary table with interactive visualizations. His submission connects to the calls using telephone API. After connecting, Symbl.ai processes the calls to generate real-time analyses of sentiments. The data is recorded for storage or processed further through Symbl.ai’s end-to-end solution. Mehula Nirala provided a GitHub repository, a YouTube video tutorial, a slide deck. His submission provided a detailed relation to the themes of the hackathon.

The second place winners, Team Vulcan and Team TriDev, submitted projects that added additional APIs to their technology stacks. In Botalysis, the team submitted a solution using AI and sentiment analysis to assess calls internally for creating feedback of calls and incentivizing customer service hotlines to increase productivity. Their application uses Symbl.ai’s real-time APIs with Google to surface images from speech-to-text transcripts. The other winning team creates a solution for facilitating insights during interviews.

The third place winner, Augmented Transcripts, created an application for analyzing lecture notes within which API calls to external search engines embed links to definitions of key terms. The submission is a solution within the sphere of real-time online education. The other third place winner, Drill Down, is an online analytical cloud-native web application, a new technology to analyze, transcribe, or generate insights from videos. 

We also wanted to give a special shoutout to Ameet Bora for submitting THINKLOUDR.AI: Conversation Intelligence for Think Aloud Testing. THINKLOUDR.AI is designed to serve as an automations platform for automatically generating insights with Symbl.ai’s Conversation Intelligence API platform.

Pushing the limits of Conversation Intelligence

Participants were able to easily use Symbl.ai’s Conversation Intelligence (CI) platform to build and extend applications capable of understanding natural human conversations for different applications. To that extent, Symbl.ai encourages developers who both took part or did not have a chance to take part in Symbl.ai’s “Integrate to Disrupt” hackathon, to continue test the limits of conversation intelligence.

Symbl.ai’s comprehensive suite of products and APIs enable developers like you to easily build and deploy intelligent speech-to-text functionality, extract contextual insights, generate domain-specific insights and intelligence, and access advanced conversation analytics.

To continue your journey through Symbl.ai’s Conversation Intelligence API Developer Platform, Symbl.ai invites you to reach out to us via email at [email protected], join our Slack channels, participate in our hackathons, fork our Postman public workspace, or git clone our repos at Symbl.ai’s GitHub. Do not stop disrupting, connecting, transforming or visualizing with Symbl.ai!


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Eric Giannini
Lead Developer Evangelist & Advocate