Symbl’s conversation intelligence AI platform is now accessible through Amazon’s AWS Marketplace! We are thrilled to be part of an innovative, developer-obsessed community, and enabling app builders to take voice and conversation-centric features beyond basic speech recognition and transcription outputs. Symbl adds a dynamic layer of intelligence to applications, enabling human-level contextual comprehension of any conversation, in any format (text, audio, and video) in real-time and/or asynchronously.

AI driven contextual understanding and analytics are becoming essential to applications where voice and conversations drive the core functionalities. This is apparent across various verticals such as e-learning, collaboration platforms, sales enablement, healthcare, and more.

Developers familiar with popular AWS tools such as Transcribe, Chime SDK, S3 Bucket and more, will be able to enhance functionality and efficiency with Symbl. Go beyond basic speech to text and transcription capabilities when using Transcribe with Symbl, and automatically identify topics and speakers. Easily analyze natural conversations in Amazon Chime with the Symbl adaptor to generate key insights such as action items, entities, follow-ups, and more (it’s already part of the Chime SDK). Symbl’s async APIs make it easy to automate the submission and processing of audio, text and video stored in AWS S3.

The integration of Symbl and AWS also presents opportunities to create new value-add speech and conversation centric functionalities that transcend beyond basic speech recognition. Imagine texting or having a video chat with a friend about meeting up for happy hour in your future self-driving car, and the built in virtual assistant (possibly Alexa) automatically recommends dropping you off at the most popular or your favorite bars nearby. The virtual assistant was not scanning for pre-programmed keywords or phrases, but recognizes an intent based on the context of your conversation.

As far-fetched as the use case may sound, it’s not sci-fi and it’s the potential to realize such possibilities that makes it exciting. Through Symbl’s domain agnostic (unbiased) AI, developers are free to build conversation or speech centric features and applications to address any use cases. No upfront or continuous training investments are required, simply ‘plug and play’ with Symbl’s comprehensive suite of APIs.

We are excited to enable those in the AWS community working on applications that drive the future of truly intelligent communications. For those already using AWS Transcribe, or any other transcription or ASR tools, integrating Symbl will just take a few minutes. No annual contracts or monthly subscription is required to sign up. Developers can just pay for the amount of credits (minutes) they need within their AWS account to get started.

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Surbhi Rathore

Surbhi is co-founder and CEO of, a technology that makes it simple to deploy contextual AI and analytics across voice, text and video communication, for any stage software. Symbl is now a Series A startup with $24M in venture financing and 70+ team members across the globe.