Participate in the Summarization API Challenge, exclusive to DevScript participants. Summarise your favourite video using Summarization API in 5 minutes and get a chance to some prizes and Developer Swag.

We are pumped to collaborate with Devscript on the Full Stack Squared Conference. DevScript is a global student-run non-profit product-based technical community of 10k+ members spread over 9+ countries, run by a group of developers for techolics, with a motto of ‘Where Development meets Opportunities!’

So let’s begin with the Summarisation Challenge!! Follow the steps below to enter:

1. Sign up for a FREE developer account (receiving $150 credits) using this link.

2. View our Summarization and POST Video API Docs

3. Submit your favorite video with’s Async API. This will return a "conversationId".

Be sure to proceed with the following!

4. When the video is finished processing, you can extract summarization with a simple REST endpoint call to ‘GET{conversationId}/summary’. Below is a code snippet in Javascript with the ‘request’ module.

const request = require('request'); 
const authToken = AUTH_TOKEN;;
     url: `{conversationId}/summary`,
     headers: { 'Authorization': `Bearer ${authToken}` },
     json: true }, (err, response, body) => {
     console.log(body); });

5. Tweet a screenshot to @symbldotai and @symbldev on Twitter OR post on LinkedIn tagging of the summary text you generated with the hashtags #BuildWithSymbl #SymblChallenge #SymblatDevScript, along with a link (only if you used a video URL) to the video you processed Summarization API

6. Fill out this submission form to provide contact info for prizes and feedback on our Summarization API.

7. Tweets/posts must be posted by February 16, 2022 to qualify.


  • 10 lucky participants who complete the challenge will be randomly selected to win a $10 Gift Card
  • T-shirt and exclusive stickers to the lucky 15 folks who participate in the challenge before 17th February.

Additional Resources:

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