We’re thrilled to announce that Symbl.ai has officially partnered up with Agora to accelerate the rise of more intelligent and robust real-time engagement (RTE) app experiences. As part of the Agora Technology Partnership program, Symbl.ai’s conversation intelligence (CI) is fully supported within Agora’s audio, video and messaging, and requires minimal coding to get up and running. Developers building with Agora and Symbl.ai are now able to augment their RTE applications to add live captioning, real-time or post call coaching, compliance, content moderation and build intelligence driven search through videos and live content.

Agora’s cloud platform provides developers with a suite of comprehensive RTE products and tools to build and scale applications that create meaningful human interactions with ease. Developers building with Agora can now further extend their applications to enable contextual comprehension of natural human conversations. A simple integration with Symbl.ai will provide developers access to a suite of best in class AI capabilities in real time or asynchronously – speech recognition, conversation analytics, contextual insights, sentiments, topics, custom and personalized domain-specific insights using custom trackers.

“Accessibility has become a must have when building real-time applications. Using Agora with Symbl.ai, it’s easy to add real-time transcription and conversational intelligence to a live video stream to make real-time engagement ubiquitous.”- Sid Sharma, Senior Director of Developer Relations and Partner Engineering at Agora.

Symbl.ai enhanced video experience displaying live captioning, follow ups, and custom trackers.

Developers and businesses using Agora to build audio and video streaming apps for webinars, podcasts, livecast, classrooms, customer service, virtual marketplace and many more applications will now be able to leverage conversation intelligence with just a few lines of code. Some sample applications with Agora Web and iOS SDKs are open-sourced on Symbl.ai’s github repo and a lot more is to come. Symbl.ai’s proprietary AI/ML technology combines the power of contextual understanding of human interactions and deep learning models trained with diverse conversation data to truly understand conversations, beyond keywords or pre-set dictionaries. Symbl.ai is domain agnostic and requires no upfront training, eliminating the need to build, maintain and train ML models – empowering developers to add AI and ML in their RTE apps.

We are excited to work and build with the Agora developer community and customers and look forward to our partnership that will contribute towards the scaling voice intelligence ecosystem.