The recently launched /labs API endpoint at is designed to give developers who seek to be at the bleeding edge of streaming Artificial Intelligence technologies, the opportunity to try out its most experimental APIs.

Among the product suite of /labs/ API already released are APIs for Summarization and Comprehensive Action Items. These two /labs/ API endpoints are designed to provide real-time engagement builders with the ability to create brand new experiences around conversations.

Comprehensive Action Items

Comprehensive Action Items are similar to action items. Both are the result of’s own proprietary algorithms. An action item is an utterance in a conversation. The action item contains a call to action, to create work for oneself or another.

Comprehensive Action Items, however, return as rephrased form of the original action item message, except enriched with its contextual. In other words, a comprehensive action item is a ‘contextual’ action item.  The context associated with a comprehensive action item comes from conversation details such as references to speaker names, the context in which the action item was mentioned or an overall description of the action items.

Summarization’s /labs endpoint for Summarization is designed to capture key discussion points in a conversation that help you shorten the time to grasp the contents of the conversation. Using Summary API, you can create Summaries that are succinct and context-based. Through the Summarization API, developers may provide a brief summary of a multi-member, omnichannel conversation with a single context, since’s APIs empower developers to stitch together voice, video, or message conversations into a single conversation or, what is the same, a `conversationId`. With a `conversationId` Summarization is no more than a single API call.

In that regard recommends as a best practice the following: the longer the conversation, the higher the quality of the summary. Avoid small conversations with 50 or fewer words or 5 or fewer sentences. With speaker separation recommends that you assign speakers through the Speaker Events API. Since a summary of a conversation comes logically after the conversation ends, enables its Async API to return results for summaries.

PII Identification and Redaction’s Personally Identifiable Information API is an APi designed to identify any PII information such as Social Security Number, Phone Number, or otherwise from messages or insights. It actively censors that information with a string of asterisks. The API is designed to enable a customized string for PII masks. Currently, the PII API is enabled for English with the Streaming API.

Join us!

As our team continues to build, iterate, or modify our APIs and product, invites you to join us in our experiments with products such as Comprehensive Action Items, Summarization, or PII.’s /labs APIs are designed to provide you as a developer with an opportunity to shape the future course of our product’s development through your feedback. For any queries or feedback, please contact us at [email protected].

In the meantime, check out our documentation. Git, fork, or clone our Postman collection. Add, remove or modify your API calls to’s product suite under the /labs endpoint!

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Eric Giannini
Lead Developer Evangelist & Advocate