This month we have some exciting news and updates to share with the community. From our recap of the April Community Meeting to our upcoming May Meeting Topics to the announcement of weekly Office Hours. We can’t wait to engage with you all!

## April Community Meeting Recap

At our April Community Meeting, we examined all the things you need to know about OpenAI and ChatGPT, covering both the pros and cons. We also discussed this thought-provoking integration between and ChatGPT centered around this GitHub project: 

If you are interested in learning more about ChatGPT, along with getting a quick walkthrough of some notable APIs, you can find the April Community Meeting recording below. If you have any questions regarding the project or the content of the meeting, stop by the Public Slack and drop us a line.

## Up Next: May Community Meeting on Enterprise Conversation Applications

We are excited to announce the topic for our upcoming May Community Meeting, which is on enterprise conversation implementations! In this meeting, we will cover enterprise architecture, use cases and features, and how they relate to conversation-enabled applications.

The aim of this community meeting is to drive a conversation between attendees with an open exchange of questions and answers, as well as sharing ideas surrounding enterprise application requirements (think regulatory compliance, data retention policies, data security, etc). If you aren’t familiar with what enterprise architectures looks like or the capabilities, you can find more information in the blog posts below: 

Below are the dates that the May community meetings that will take place:

We invite you to come learn more about Enterprise Architectures, ask questions, and discuss random topics related to conversation AI/ML at this meeting.

What is the best way to do that? That’s easy! Just…

Even if you aren’t at the point of enterprise implementations and scale just yet, it’s extremely helpful to know what’s in store when that time arrives. We’re sure our May meeting will make for an exciting conversation!

## Establishing Weekly Office Hours

We’re also pleased to announce that we’ll be holding weekly Community Office Hours every Friday at 10am Pacific Time. During Office Hours, there will be no set agenda or curated presentations. The idea is to provide a welcoming, safe space for discussion… so there will be no meeting notes and no recordings. Whether it’s to get help with a problem you’ve been having, chat about anything related to conversation AI/ML, or anything off-topic, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Join the Google Group to get Access to the Google Calendar.

We are excited to hear from and engage with the community in all the events happening in May! We hope to see you all there!

David vonThenen
David vonThenen
Developer Advocate

David is a self-described Tech geek and Developer Advocate enabling others to process communications to derive conversation intelligence. David talks Kubernetes/containers, VMware virtualization, backup recovery/replication solutions, adaptors in hardware storage connectivity, and everything else that is tech!