It’s an undeniably great time to be working in the software industry. The macro trends in software have made tremendously powerful capabilities readily accessible with regard to virtually any product. The move to cloud-based SaaS products has enabled workers to become more capable without long, costly implementation or the development of on-premise software. However, it isn’t the panacea promised by many. 

While this shift does enable the rapid deployment of capabilities—and avoid risky custom implementation projects—it also entails that one must conform one’s business processes to the software. In some cases, that’s just fine. But for critical revenue generation and customer-facing processes, this inflexibility hinders ultimate business outcomes.

My career has been anchored in the customer conversation space wherein the power of natural language and AI computing power has been at the forefront of investment for over two decades. The availability of the highest level of infrastructure and computing services for developers has democratized the construction of high-quality software. Development teams anywhere in the world can build highly tailored applications with unheard-of availability and scale—and deliver outsize results for businesses.

The challenge for all software development teams is speed. Speed in terms of time to market, as well as speed and efficiency with regard to maintaining software that delivers ever-increasing value. Software that leverages the most advanced AI technologies and techniques takes time to build and is a significant ongoing development project. 

Enter, which offers customers specialized conversation AI technology that allows businesses to easily and quickly deliver industry- and company-relevant insights to employees out of the flow of their conversations. No longer are sales and customer service teams dependent on the insights that a given software provider thinks they need. 

Development teams that support employee-facing applications can rapidly snap in AI capabilities to identify insights in audio, video, and unstructured text, in addition to easily maintaining an insights layer that keeps up with rapidly changing business needs. 

In my work in the AI industry, I repeatedly see this as the primary obstacle to delivering value in an efficient manner. In fact, the ongoing work required to natively engender insights is often neglected because of the reality of having to build new supporting features to do so. This makes it to where the software only reveals what one has instructed it to identify within the unstructured data sources, and it loses the ability to inform business leaders about under-the-radar things that are happening every day in their organization.

That’s just the beginning! is certainly a powerful and developer-friendly specialized conversation AI platform, but the company has taken the technology even further. Use of the platform brings about results-oriented  products that can solve for important industry challenges across verticals and capture the most valuable opportunities.

See a few examples below:

  • brings immediate value to communication platforms by enabling them to identify insights throughout the conversation across time and media types.
  • allows media companies to immediately lock on notable topics and insights throughout video and audio recordings, which dramatically increases the discoverability of compelling content and simplifies the important content moderation responsibilities these media platforms take so seriously. 
  • allows any revenue organization to maintain its own sales intelligence platform, with minimal development effort. This unchains revenue leaders from having to uncover exactly what they want from critical prospect, customer, and partner conversations. 

As you can tell, I’m excited to be working with leaders in communications, media, and sales technologies to dramatically lift the usability bar by leveraging However, I am more excited to join the uber-talented leadership and revenue teams here that are collaborating with some of the most valuable companies in the world.

We are in the early innings of truly leveraging the power of machines by enriching the experiences of consumers. Implementing’s specialized conversation AI technology is the next critical step for your business to edge out its competition. Contact our sales team today to get started.

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Dan Nordale
Chief Revenue Officer

For over 20 years Dan has led go to market efforts for some of the most innovative conversation AI companies in the world. These include Genesys, Nuance, Vonage, and several startups. He has seen voice AI companies deliver tremendous value to consumers through the thoughtful and well-organized utilization of customer experience software and services. He currently leads the revenue team at