is headed to the Call and Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas on April 26-27, 2023! 

The Call and Contact Center Expo showcases the latest tools, products, and solutions for customer experience and support as well as advancements and developing strategies in telecommunications, blockchain, cyber, and smart security solutions, and many other key factors in managing a call center or customer engagement business or department. 

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we manage and run contact centers, bringing performance and efficiency levels higher than ever before. Here at, our team is loaded with CX and contact center expertise and we’re building conversation intelligence solutions for the contact center that are literally changing the game. 

At a high level,’s human intelligence platform eliminates the bulk of after call work by generating call summaries automatically, creating action item lists and pre-populated call notes for agents, and processing key customer information, such as supporting CRM system of record updates, in a secure and lightning-fast manner. 

We’re also bringing new levels of performance and success to outbound calling with up to 98% accuracy for detecting humans or machines, using AI-powered call progress analysis (CPA) and call intelligence. The result is better business outcomes for outbound calling, including improved customer engagement and increased sales. 

Eliminate after call work

Eliminating after call work is no small accomplishment when it comes to optimizing agent efficiency and increasing productivity.’s Customer Service Intelligence API delivers an call transcript and summary in real time and delivers pre-populated after call notes to agents that includes key data points, such as important questions and key actions to take next—this saves agents both time and effort and delivers significant reductions in overall average handle times (AHT). . Additionally, contact center leaders can use call intelligence to automatically keep their CRM systems updated with the latest  customer information as opposed to revising it manually. 

Detect humans or machines with 98% accuracy

The Communications Intelligence API connects outbound calls with a 98% accuracy rate, meaning that it can identify whether a human or a machine is picking up the phone and either connect the caller to the correct agent or leave a message at exactly the right time. With AI classifying each call and determining the correct course of action, agents have a higher chance of landing their offers and, more importantly, speaking to decision makers. 

Where to find at the Call and Contact Center Expo

Come visit booth 4020 and our experts show you what’s possible using in the contact center, including nd demos and tips on how’s Human Intelligence Platform can take your call and contact center operations to the next level. 

We hope to see you there!

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