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It’s with tremendous gratitude and excitement that we reveal our new identity. Today we bid Rammer.ai a fond farewell. Rammer.ai was the name chosen at inception when it was just Surbhi and Toshish launching their first startup together. It was the name that shepherded us through CorkBIC, the name that we championed during Techstars, the name that was at our side during our first venture funding round, and the name that we giddily put up on our WeWork office doors in Seattle and Pune. Rammer is the danish word for “framework”, but unknowingly at its inception, it has some strange connotations in English (maybe even a little x-rated) that makes people question – “why that name?”. Internally we also thought there was a more relevant name out there that represented the core of what we really do… And so, as of today — drumroll please — we are Symbl. #Symblers for life!

Why Symbl?

Over the last few months, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating an identity that would closely stand for what we make and do, as well as who we are at our core. We considered 200+ candidates, had dozens and dozens of passionate pitches, and then came the deadline. We had a last intense huddle and there it was: Symbl, the one word that we all loved at once. Symbl refers to ‘symbol’, a small semantic unit that carries high meaning intensity. In other words, when we break down language to get to the essence of meaning, a symbol is a common denominator that embodies the perception of each participant, a crucial element in untangling the subjective complexity of – say – a conversation. We made it our mission to grow with purpose as individuals and as a team. We are empowered by these changes, with an overwhelming sense of empathy across the team. It goes without saying that we are very excited. We thank our early customers and partners for your trust and friendship, and we look forward to being #Symblers for life!

Want to learn more about Symbl? Meet the team here and check out our APIs here.

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