Customer collaboration informs each decision in our roadmap. We make informed decisions based on data and have observed most businesses have asynchronous conversational data. We’ve been able to accept streaming audio and generate transcripts, action items, follow ups, questions, and summary topics in real-time with our Voice APIs.

We’ve observed most businesses have asynchronous conversation data in two formats:

  1. Audio or Video recordings of conversations
  2. Text: Call Transcripts, Email, and Social conversations

This week, we’re launching our Async API for audio files and text. You can simply post an audio file or text payload to our rest interface and create a conversation on the Symbl Platform. Each conversation can be accessed using the Conversation API to get transcripts and other insights. Longer audio files tend to take more time to process and we have a Job API to check the processing status.

API Supported Format Documentation
Async Text API Messages Payload in JSON format Link
Async Audio API WAV and MPEG, Mono Audio Link

We’re confident that these APIs for asynchronous data will empower businesses to extract actionable insights across many use-cases. Our customers have already started building use-cases for CRM and collaboration software using these APIs.

Here are some example use-cases:

  • Automate CRM entries from email and sales calls
  • Use recorded audios to generate insights in bulk for call center process>
  • Use recorded audio/video to generate post-event summaries
  • Use Zoom meeting recordings to process meeting insights

Sign up for the API preview here. You can learn more about the Async APIs inĀ our documentation and try samples on the Postman app.

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