Outcome #1Accelerated time to market for new real-time sales assistance feature   

Outcome #2Increased sales rep productivity and performance 

Outcome #3100% quality assurance across sales calls 


Conquer.io, a leading sales engagement platform provider uses Symbl’s purpose-built AI to help its customers boost sales performance and representative productivity. Specifically, Conquer has achieved the following three (3) key outcomes by engaging with Symbl: 

  • Launched a new ‘AI Battle Cards’ feature that displays battlecards in real-time to sales agents to assist them with handling objections and competitor mentions. This feature is powered by Symbl’s real-time AI capabilities. 
  • Integrated Symbl’s pre-built Insights UI to automatically generate and display meeting notes for all processed sales calls, saving valuable time for sales representatives. The use of pre-built UI accelerated time-to-market, enabling Conquer.io to deploy the feature in a matter of weeks rather than months.
  • Utilized Symbl’s low-code, ‘Call Score API’ to produce scorecards for sales calls across the sales funnel at scale. This enables Chief Revenue Officers and RevOps Managers to objectively assess team performance without a manual review of call recordings, ensuring 100% quality assurance coverage on sales calls. This also allows sales leaders to provide data-driven and effective coaching to the sales organization. 

Call Score API and Insights UI are powered by Nebula, Symbl.ai’s proprietary large language model (LLM). Nebula, a specialized conversation-centric LLM, is trained on extensive communication data, including sales conversations. 

Challenge / Opportunity: 

Conquer wanted to improve its product offerings to help its customers enhance their sales enablement, engagement and automation processes. They identified AI-enabled real-time sales assistance and automation of post-call insights key requirements from Symbl’s offerings. These were aimed at solving 3 key challenges: 

  • Access to critical information in real-time: AI battle cards provide sales reps with competitive intelligence in real-time during calls so they could have access to key information when they needed it. Further, this feature also reduces the training time for new reps. 
  • Increased Sales Rep Productivity: Automated meeting notes saves hours of time every week for sales representatives, enhancing productivity and resource efficiency.
  • Automated Quality Assurance: Automated call scoring saves valuable hours each week for sales leaders, replacing manual listening to recordings with a more objective, efficient, and automated quality assurance process.


Symbl.ai’s solution deployed by Conquer consists of 3 main parts: 

  • Real-time AI: Consisting of the Streaming API’ which uses the WebSocket protocol to process audio conversations in real-time and the ‘Trackers’ feature which detects and classifies keywords, phrases, intents and entities with a few API calls. As part of ‘AI Battle Cards’, Conquer created custom trackers within its battle card library to detect objections and competitor mentions in real time. When a tracker is detected, the appropriate battlecard is shown to the sales representative, equipping them with valuable information. 
  • Insights UI: The Async API is used to process meeting recordings after sales interactions. After generating a unique conversation ID, the Insights UI feature is used to provide a pre-built user interface that enables sales reps and managers to visualize conversation insights in an easy-to-read and scannable format. Insights UI offers a complete understanding of meetings, providing call summaries, sentiment analysis, objections, rebuttals, Q&A, and next steps, ensuring detailed and accurate insights for informed decision-making. By embedding the out-of-box Insights UI into its end application, Conquer was able to increase its time to market. 
  • Call Score API: A Gen-AI powered, low-code API to evaluate sales representatives’  performance and overall call quality. After sales interactions, it provides a numerical score for each conversation that is based on communication & engagement, question handling ability, adherence to established sales protocols and the ability to move a conversation forward. Call Score API enables sales managers to perform a consistent and objective evaluation of the sales organization. 


Conquer has integrated Symbl’s real-time AI features within the ‘AI Battle Cards’ and launched Insights UI and Call Score API for comprehensive post-call insights. Conquer’s early customers are using their platform to process more than 30K conversations daily through the Async API with up to 1000 concurrent streaming connections for live sales calls. The successful launch of the product has benefited both Conquer and its end customers: 

  • Symbl.ai’s low-code APIs saved months of development time for Conquer, enabling them to deploy GenAI features into a differentiated product offering within a matter of weeks. 
  • Conquer’s customers have achieved an increase in the productivity of their sales organization through the automation of time-consuming manual tasks. As a result, sales reps are able to better engage with prospects. Sales leaders have access to detailed insights from calls as well as automated call scoring. This allows them to make informed decisions, build personalized coaching plans, and create a more effective selling organization.  
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