Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the primary building blocks of Internet connectivity. With’s APIs these building blocks are critical links in the creation of real-time voice, video, chat, or broadcast experiences beyond live captioning. They empower developers to give rise to greater connectivity, digital transformations or readily human readable visualizations. With’s APIs you are connecting conversations from one end of the Internet to another.

Postman is one of the most developer friendly tools to field your interest in greater connectivity, digital transformations or readily human readable visualizations. While these are rather large macroscopic topics, on a microscopic level with you are able to connect to other RTC / RTE APIs such as those for email through the Simple Mail Transport Protocol, transform the conversation by taking a contextual insight such as action-items to a third party SaaS such as JIRA or Notion to track a call to action in a conversation, or depict sentiments from messages in real-time through the depiction of time series analysis in colorful graphs. Those are just a few of the many different ways to level with an emerging array of APIs in an ever widening Internet of communication.

With Postman’s as the “GitHub of the API world,” you are more than empowered to create brand new opportunities for connecting, transforming or visualizing conversations with’s APIs. With the Postman Workspace already configured to enable’s APIs, you are in a position to fork, clone, or submit pull requests against’s public workspace or even your own.

Explore’s New Postman Public Workspace

At, a conversation intelligence (CI) platform for developers, we recently published the public workspace  on Postman for you to explore our APIs.’s APIs, the vast majority of which operate with the leading internet protocols for real-time communications (RTC) or real-time engagement (RTE)—such as PSTN, SIP, WebSockets, or RTMP—are designed to develop new experiences around conversations through connections, transformations, or visualizations. Now, with our brand-new public workspace, developers can easily test out our APIs and field new ideas in building new conversation-driven experiences with AI.

We created our public workspace to enable developers to try out our APIs for asynchronously uploading voice, video, or text messages for bulk offline processing. For instance,’s new Management API provides you with the ability to create fully customized sets of vocabularies for tracking all words semantically related to those vocabularies lists on conversations. In addition,’s Conversation APIs return analysis on conversation data for such things as topics, follow-ups, questions, action items, and more.

[Alt/caption:’s public workspace Overview page in Postman]

To check out these APIs, download the API collection for free or explore the public workspace online in Postman. You will find a total of 35 requests in the following areas:

  • Authentication
  • Async APIs: Ingest and process video, audio, and text files
  • Telephony API: Connect to VOIP and capture conversations in real time
  • Conversation APIs: Extract contextual insights, and conversation analytics
  • Management APIs: Create and track custom insights and intents

How to get started

Register for a free account here. Grab both your `appId` and your `appSecret` to authenticate with Postman so that you receive your `x-api-key`. Below is an example of how to authenticate with the public workspace.

[Alt/caption: Generating an authentication token] and Postman: supporting API developers’s support for APIs is part of a broad initiative to help developers throughout their journeys. Our APIs are designed to facilitate the reduction of what is often described as the “Time to First API Call”—which is how long it takes a user to successfully make an API call with a response.’s public workspace on Postman is meant to help you make that first API call right out of the gate.

As Postman is the GitHub of the API world, another great advantage of’s public workspace is its ability to provide developers with new opportunities to create cross-API playgrounds. With Postman public workspaces, you can fork a workspace. After forking you can add APIs to that workspace to create your own personalized workspace. Once you fork from’s public workspace, you can pull updates from our public workspace to stay synchronized with our latest APIs.

In addition to the new public workspace, we partnered with to release a collaborative workspace. In the Community public workspace, has assembled a collection for transcribing meetings with Check out Community public workspace.

Postman Visualizations and & Topic Previews

In addition to providing support for developer communities such as those around to create brand new real-time engagements with’s publicly available Postman workspaces, Postman’s unique feature for visualizations enables you to create human readable forms of data.

Topics, for instance, are important topics for artificial intelligence. In AI, topics are important as the primary focus or FOCII of a conversation. If two people are discussing which bags of coffee they like best, then coffee, for instance, is the focus of their conversation.’s API for Topics, which is the topic of the following blog, enables developers to access AI insights from topics without anything more than a mere curl command or a configuration for hitting a RESTful API. With Postman’s own unique visualization tool experiments with the creation of mindmaps for topics.

These are really useful, if you would like to provide a visualization to users in ClubHouse-like voice-chat conversations a visually appealing display of what topics are being discussed in a room next to you that you aren’t occupying at the moment.’s APIs enables you as a developer to add topics to such things as Twitter Spaces to create topic previews in real-time. In addition,’s Conversation Intelligence platform’s AI driven topic previews’ feature is capable of being enabled on the backend for administrators to match users’ spoken interests or enable targeted ads campaigns.

Postman spotlights as a startup to watch

Postman actively encourages developers to share ideas and build more—now with the help of public workspaces. We are excited to join Postman in this effort, and we are proud that and our public workspace have been included in Postman’s Startups to Watch list spotlighting “promising, young startups who have the potential to disrupt their respective industries.”

Please share your customized workspaces with so that the team at has a chance to spotlight your Postman development efforts on social media. Stuck? Free feel to ask us any questions on our Slack channel or send us an email at [email protected].

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