evrmore is an AI-powered social app to help Gen Z navigate key moments in life and to build a strong personal narrative with confidence.

About evrmore

Journaling is a helpful exercise for anyone that wants to improve their own way of dealing with big moments in life. But a lot of details get lost in the process of translating our thoughts into writing. Young adults like members of Gen Z, who grew up surrounded by text and video dominated technology, are particularly challenged by this.

That’s why Ivy Mahsciao decided to found evrmore in 2019 – an emotional wellbeing GPS that allows users to capture their thoughts by speaking them out loud. With evrmore’s Empathy AI® features, young people can spot hidden patterns in their thoughts so they can learn how to confidently overcome difficult situations by going on a heroic journey of self-knowledge.

Having conversation intelligence gets us back to communicating in full definition. We cease to exist outside of space and time, so our conversations need to have the context of our lives” – Ivy Mahsciao, evrmore founder.

The challenge of creating humanity-first social technology 

Conversations without proper context, the richness of narrative, and an emotive framework would make human communication in the digital age fragments of disparate thought processes.

Heavy use of text- and video-based short form content platforms have been hijacking our personal stories. We lose context, meaning, and what truly matters in human communication, like the richness of continuous dialogues and the energetic power of the human voice.

Without the ability to capture this “human” element of conversation, digital interactions can introduce social, psychological, and developmental complexities that are difficult for young people to navigate and can undermine their mental health.

To begin turning the tide on this, the evrmore app combines AI with voice journaling to help young people develop life skills and master a healthy adaptation with technology while still relating to others. To accomplish this, evrmore needed an API that could capture and deliver the rich spectrum of emotional nuances that exist in human conversation. With a strong commitment to tech for good, it was also important to evrmore that the technology was transparent and mission-driven. With Symbl.ai and its conversation APIs, evrmore found both.

The evermore app provides users with robust and engaging experiences

Symbl.ai and evrmore are kindly hustling

To evrmore context is key, so the company is excited about the current beta-testing of Symbl.ai’s Trackers API. The Trackers API will allow the evrmore app to identify patterns through phrases with the same meaning rather than just phrases with similar keywords. The evrmore team are active members of Symbl.ai’s Slack community for developers and are following Symbl.ai’s product development closely. All Symbl.ai conversation APIs like Speech to Text and Conversation Analytics are already in use and have proven useful to the evrmore team.

“We’re loving all the existing conversation APIs and what’s on the roadmap to come! We’re fans of Symbl.ai because they’re not only brilliant builders working to amplify human conversations — they’re also working to amplify others on a similar mission by creating a supportive mesh network that extends beyond their documentation and knowledge base,” Mahsciao said.

With Symbl.ai conversation APIs evrmore will help young people tell their personal stories in full definition. To learn more about how evrmore’s AI-powered app is building a bridge between a social dilemma and true human potential, check out this short video:

The first zero judgment social + mentor platform powered by AI from Ivy Mahsciao on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out the evrmore 2021 pilot program for schools and research institutions at evrmore.io.

“The Symbl.ai team live the kind hustle – working hard and being kind – and the Slack community for developers is a thing of beauty” – Ivy Mahsciao, evrmore founder.

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