Hello, everyone!

Me and Dwij are final year students and study in the same college. Due to lockdown we had some free time in our hand and thought of participating in the DeveloperWeek Hackathon.

We read various challenges posted in the hackathon, but the challenge that intrigued us the most was the challenge posted Symb.ai and Agora as we have a background in 3D game development we thought it was the perfect time to showcase our skills.

We decided to build MeetVerse to create a magical experience for the users using it. We wanted to build a platform which is easy to use and gives user a wonderful experience in the digital world.

The current demand for virtual meetings and events are increasing and the traditional meeting options are no longer enough to give a fully immersive experience. So we have created a 3D space where users can host there event and meetings in a single click and experience a realistic conversation.

Create Events/Meeting Links Audio to improve the experience Share Screen during Event/Meeting Video on Character for realistic feel Conversation Analytics Topics of Discussions

Symbl.ai + Agora =

While building the space our efficiency largely improved largely due to the well written docs by Agora and Symbl.ai. By integrating Agora and Symbl.ai a complete realistic experience can be delivered to the end user. While Agora takes care of the presentation and realtime audio/video on the other hand Symb.ai takes care of the realtime captioning and meeting transcriptions which provides great insights to the end user.

  • Agora’s fully functional SDK has inbuilt features like screensharing , videocall , audiocall, webcam broadcasting which reduced our development time.
  • Agora’s SDK also sets the quality of video/audio according to the bandwidth of the end-user which improves the quality of experience.
  • Due to Symbl.ai’s async APIs we were able to add realtime closed captioning capabilities were integrated easily in the meetverse.
  • Not only captioning, but the report of the meeting could also be visited in realtime with the help of Symbl.ai.

Infrastructure ️

We are build to be resilient. Our infrastructure is designed very carefully keeping in mind the amount of effort and time users from all around the world will spend on our platform. Agora’s audio SDK to create a realistic conversation experience. We are using the API’s provided by Agora for screen sharing.Utilizing Symb.ai for transcription and Realtime Captioning powered by Symbl.ai . We are using BablyonJS for creating the 3D environment. Using websockets to provide coordinates for player movements. MeetVerse= MetaVerse + Meetings Make your meetings more interactive and realistic. Make your meetings more fun whether they are formal or informal you will enjoy them here !

We really enjoyed building during the DeveloperWeek it was a fun experience!