is a developer platform for deriving Artificial Intelligence from conversation data, is releasing a brand new product called under its experimental wing of “Labs”, for comprehensive action items. The API provides developers with the ability to capture the most important action items from a conversation.

Comprehensive Action Items

Alongside topics, which are significant for their ability to provide users in one room of a ClubHouse-like application an idea of what is being discussed in another through a preview or on the backend through an administrator (i.e., in a monetization scheme for advertisements), comprehensive action items are significant for their ability to delve more deeply into a conversation to capture elements of a conversation that extend far beyond mere transcription. Transcription is an emerging use-case. However, transcription is a means to an end. The end is an understanding of the conversation itself. With a greater understanding of a conversation you as a developer are empowered to create greater connectivity, effective digital transformation or human readable visualizations of the most important parts of a conversation.’s developer platforms enables developers like you to accomplish these goals.’s API for comprehensive action items is a step in that direction., for instance, provides developers access to conversation data through transcription. In addition,’s own proprietary algorithms work on that conversation data to extract contextual insights such as questions, follow-ups, or action items. These contextual insights provide analysis of that conversation data without having to hire a data scientist, a team of engineers specializing in natural language processing or Python, the language most commonly used by both of these software developers.

How do Comprehensive Action Items differ from Action Items?

Comprehensive Action Items are similar to action items. Both are the result of’s own proprietary algorithms. However, the Comprehensive Action Items API is similar to the Action Items API but is derived from a more thorough analysis of contextuality, the nexus of all associations in a conversation. The relatability of these aspects of a conversation is one of the hardest aspects of data science, natural language processing or machine learning, since 1) these aspects hardly differentiated, if not 2) extremely difficult to detect.’s own proprietary algorithms, however, are able to relate these undifferentiated, almost undetectable, aspects together in a manner that creates contextuality in fully programmable APIs.


In that respect,’s derivation of comprehensive action items stems from an analysis of details such as references to speaker names, context in which the action item was mentioned and an overall comprehensive description of the action items. Far from returning a rephrased form of the original action item message that’s enriched with its corresponding context,’s comprehensive action items provide access to an understanding of the totality of actionable speech from the start to the end of the conversation together with timestamps. In that sense,’s timestamped comprehensive action items provide for the creation of time series analysis of actionable speech throughout not just one but multiple conversations over time. Although many companies provide access to an analysis of conversation data,’s introduction of time is a reflection of its ability to add a three dimensional analysis of speech time.

If you would like to make a call to our Comprehensive Action Item API, there are three steps. The first step is to sign up on our platform. The second step is to upload a conversation through our Async APIs or through our Streaming API. The third step is to make a call to our Comprehensive Action Items API with the conversation ID you obtained from the Async or Streaming APIs:{conversationId}/comprehensive/action-items.
If you are unfamiliar with how to make API calls with `cURL` or a programming language like JavaScript or Python, recommends you check out its collection or public workspace on Postman. Depending upon your set up, you run your APIs calls on a Postman desktop agent or its apps.’s Postman public workspace is available here.

Currently, the Comprehensive Action Items API is fully enabled. Although the nuances associated with use-cases for action items against comprehensive action items is broadly associated with the amount of time you expect to suspend in anticipation of the insight (i.e., with action items being most easily accessible in real-time while comprehensive action items being the most insightful asynchronous),’s “Labs” APIs are highly experimental. You may know of a use-case that is already beyond the scope of our intentions. If so, please feel free to reach out to us. Or feel free to reach out to us for general feedback.


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