Integrating the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can optimize performance marketing strategies and transform inbound calling. It can create unprecedented opportunities to enhance efficiency by driving workflow automation and creating actionable intelligence for enterprises.

AI for Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is a marketing approach where businesses or enterprises pay a fee to an affiliate or a partner for specific actions or outcomes such as clicks, inbound calls, or leads. It depends on channels such as pay-per-call (PPC), display advertising, social media and others. AI is empowering businesses to efficiently target and convert customers through analysis of large volumes of data. It can identify top-performing campaigns through analytics, boosting marketing ROI. Moreover, businesses can offer 24*7 support to customers by building AI-based chatbots and digital assistants. But there is still a lot of untapped potential. 

Transforming performance marketing using real time intelligence and the power of generative AI

Personalize customer interactions: Performance marketing campaigns focus on quantitative data – for instance highlighting keywords that deliver best traction or using call analytics and tracking capabilities. With conversation intelligence, companies can level up and tap into qualitative intelligence: the pain points of customers, preferences, and the intent when customers reach out in real time using APIs, making every customer interaction personalized. Post call, using generative AI, companies can dissect conversations and build customer profiles based on past conversations to drive targeted efforts in optimizing sales pipeline for better lead qualification and conversion.  

Evaluate best distributors to work with: Using generative AI, companies can uncover affiliate or distribution partner specific intelligence for example, identify which partners provide best results – calls with business relevant leads, leads with highest conversion, or lowest fraud/scam customers.   

Assist agents in real time: In fast-paced industries such as healthcare or e-commerce, customers have urgent requirements and need immediate assistance – an opportunity to convert on the spot. Using conversation intelligence, businesses can take advantage of that by accelerating knowledge article sharing to convert leads quicker and automating after call work such as CRM data entry or creating summaries to make agents more productive and handle more calls.

Ensure compliance: campaigns need to ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI when handling sensitive customer data including personal details or credit card details. With conversation intelligence APIs, companies can automate identification and redaction of sensitive data from conversations in real time. Using generative AI, companies can understand the regulatory requirement and identify which part of the conversation was non-compliant to take corrective actions.

Scale coaching for agents: periodic call monitoring for quality assurance is done on a sample basis and is time-consuming. With conversational AI, companies can enable targeted coaching for their agents by analyzing conversations at scale. Companies can evaluate performance of agents over historic calls to identify strengths and weaknesses and design a tailored coaching plan for better performance.

Competitor Analysis: Leveraging generative AI, companies can break down conversations into parts and see how customers perceive competitors -their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, evaluate how consumer perception about the brand has evolved over a period by analyzing past conversations.

Symbl redefines the way you approach performance marketing

Symbl’s Conversation Intelligence Platform provides state of the art AI models that are purpose built for conversations and convert unstructured conversations across any format: audio, video, and text into actionable intelligence. It generates intelligence in real-time and asynchronously, is customized to a domain, and offered in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment to ensure data privacy. You can enable following using Symbl: 

Entity extraction:

Identify key entities within conversations for further actions. For example, a real estate agency using performance marketing to connect with potential property buyers can use Symbl’s entity detection to detect and auto populate customer name, occupation, address, and appointment date and time. Moreover, it can capture feedback for its services and competitors mentioned to drive competitive advantage. 

Evaluate sentiment, intent and engagement:

Track sentiment shifts and engagement changes during conversations. For example, a telecom company using a pay-per-call strategy can detect a caller’s negative sentiment when discussing data limits. Take corrective actions by providing a detailed plan explanation and suggesting suitable alternatives to reignite customer interest for higher conversion chances.

Advanced call analytics beyond numbers:

Get call scores for a specific call or a group of calls. See the reasoning behind the numbers used for evaluation, identify specific areas where call quality dropped, and get recommendations on corrective steps using Nebula. For instance, a travel agency attracting vacationers can analyze historic calls to detect drops during discussions about travel insurance and identify corrective steps such as simplifying explanations of the benefits, improving conversion rates.

Real-time agent assistance:

Monitor the evolution of customer intent and unanswered questions during dialogues and tailor responses to adapt the conversation. Retrieve relevant articles from the knowledgebase based upon customer pain points, or topics/themes discussed to accelerate effective issue resolution in real-time. Detect instances of any sensitive data such as PII, PHI, and PCI in a conversation as it happens and replace it using a custom method of your choice.

Value created for business

Improved lead conversion:

Uncovering customer sentiment, intent, and pain points enables you to adapt conversations and boost conversion rates.

Pipeline management:

Analyze conversations to prioritize leads and determine their potential, ensuring that sales teams focus on leads with the highest probability of conversion, optimizing resource allocation.

Informed Decision-Making:

Comprehensive call scores and analytics empower data-driven choices by understanding what type of strategies work better and accordingly refining campaign messaging or partner selection, maximizing impact..

Competitive intelligence:

By analyzing competitor mentions, businesses gain consumer insights for refining marketing strategies and differentiating their offerings.

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Surbhi Rathore

Surbhi is co-founder and CEO of, a technology that makes it simple to deploy contextual AI and analytics across voice, text and video communication, for any stage software. Symbl is now a Series A startup with $24M in venture financing and 70+ team members across the globe.