It’s been an absolutely amazing year here at to say the least. First and foremost, we’d like to extend our thanks and appreciation for you, our developers, who have supported us in any kind of way — whether it was through liking/sharing our content, signing up for a developer account, trying out our APIs, contributing to open source apps, etc. we are truly grateful.

As 2021 comes to an end, we’d like to look back and reflect on the whirlwind of events and milestones we’ve had this year. We could not have done it without you.

Let’s dive into the key 2021 moments (there’s quite a bit):

Dev Community

The core of is our developer community, and we are pumped to have had a successful year with you all, check out the highlights below.

  • Integrate to Disrupt Hackathon launched the Integrate to Disrupt Hackathon back in May, where participants were tasked to build disruptive apps or workflows with’s Conversation Intelligence platform. Check out our closing ceremony with a hackathon recap, project submission features, and winners announcements here!

  •’s Postman Public Workspace

Check out our public workspace where you can easily test out our APIs and field more ideas in building new conversation-driven experiences through connections, transformations, or visualizations with AI!

  • TADHack Global 2021 was proud to partner with Telnyx, a leading CPaaS API platform, to host a bonus category — AI-Driven Communications Hack, at TADHack Global 2021. $4,000 USD was rewarded to a team capable of combining Telnyx and APIs. Congrats to our winners and thank you to all who participated! Check them out and learn more about their impressive submissions here.

  • Slack Community

We are ecstatic to have almost 1000+ members in our Slack community, thank you! Come join us on Slack to meet and exchange ideas with other developers, get support on a certain task or project, receive insightful resources, and more. Join here.

APIs and SDKs

Take a look at this year’s releases in Beta, Labs, and SDKs!’s Labs is a new initiative where our data scientists and engineers dream up new AI capabilities to further push the limits of understanding and extracting intelligence from any and all natural human conversations.

  •’s Trackers API (Beta)

Our Trackers API allows you to track specific keywords, phrases, or intents in a conversation, helping you to identify emerging trends and gauge the nature of interactions. Easily set up and configure your own Trackers by providing some commonly used phrases, sentences, and keywords. Check it out.

  • Summary API (Labs)

Easily distill online or offline conversations, of any length and of multiple speakers, into succinct summaries to capture key discussion points with our Summary API. Check it out.

  • Python SDK

With the Python SDK, you can generate Speech-to-Text (messages) and get intelligent insights such as action items, topics, and questions with minimal coding effort.

  • PII and Redaction API (Labs)

Identify and redact PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data from conversations and insights. This feature is currently a part of Labs, so try it out and let us know what you think! Check it out.

  • Topic Hierarchy API (Beta)

Automatically convert speech to structure with context — converting to topics and sub-topics across the conversation. There are typically multiple topics discussed in a conversation,’s Topics Hierarchy API finds a pattern within the conversation to organize those topics for better analysis and consumption.

  • JavaScript SDK’s programmable JS SDK will allow you to add Conversation Intelligence capabilities right into your web apps and meeting platforms. Get your follow ups, action items, and topics in a breeze.


Your experience on the platform is something we highly value and hope we deliver on. You spoke, and we listened! This year we added some really cool features to elevate your experience by providing the following:

  • API Playground

See’s APIs in action without any coding or launching a 3rd party testing tool. See how APIs (text or streaming audio) work in a pre-built UI experience directly within your account. Check it out.

  • Streaming API Logs

API Logs provides developers with a user interface for monitoring, debugging and/or visualizing API usage on the Streaming API. You can check inputs and outputs associated with your calls as well as whether an API call was successful or not, reducing any down time. Take a look.

  • API Usage Dashboard

This feature is a dashboard for monitoring and visualizing your API usage, so you can easily analyze how you are using our APIs on a daily basis.’s API Usage dashboard displays API usage on the four basic source types of Streaming API, Telephony API, Async Video and Audio API, and Async Text API.


As a developer, reliable documentation is a MUST. Our docs team strives to make information easily accessible and consumable to help you learn quickly and get you started. Check out a couple of added features!

  • Docs Change Log

We continuously add new features and enhancements, fix critical bugs, and regularly deploy changes to improve performance. You can keep tabs of our latest updates on this page here.

  • Open Source Docs Docs are now open source! We value and encourage your feedback to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. If you think we can be doing something better, let us know! Come contribute and make a pull request here.


As a company, 2021 has brought so many wins, from rapid growth of both our US and India teams leading to fun offsites, to establishing great partnerships with amazing companies in the RTC, CPaaS, and engagement sector, and so much more. Check out these wins below!

  • Agora + Partnership officially partnered up with Agora to accelerate the rise of more intelligent and robust real-time engagement (RTE) app experiences. Developers and businesses using Agora to build audio and video streaming apps will now be able to leverage Conversation Intelligence with just a few lines of code. Learn more.

  • named top 15 AI Companies by Forbes was placed on Forbes “Top 15 Innovative AI Companies Driving Exponential Shifts,” list. We’re extremely proud to be on this list alongside other innovative companies making waves in the space of AI. Read more about it.

  • Series A Funding

In November, we were proud to announce that we received a $17 million Series A funding round led by Great Point Ventures with additional participation from current investors Gutbrain Ventures, PBJ Capital, Crosscut Ventures, and Flying Fish Ventures!

Check out the full press release HERE to learn more about where we plan to scale with this new funding and more!

  • for Startups Program

We recently just launched a brand new program — for Startups! For all pre-seed to seed stage companies that are building the next generation of conversation-centric AI products and services, this is for you. We’re here to provide support and guidance and help you scale those efforts even further. Learn more about it HERE. in the Marketplace

  • AWS Marketplace is available in the AWS Marketplace. Go beyond basic speech recognition and transcription outputs. Integrate with your favorite AWS tools such as Transcribe, Chime, S3 Bucket, and more directly from your AWS account. Check it out.

  • Agora Extensions Marketplace is now available in Agora’s new Extensions Marketplace! Developers can easily integrate’s conversation intelligence capabilities into their android apps as it provides scalable, secure speech recognition and contextual analytics to build differentiated experiences from voice, video, and text data in real-time.

Industry Discussions was proud to have sponsored awesome events focused around the space of AI/ML, voice technologies, APIs, and more. Take a look at a few we presented at this year!

  • Dev Innovation Summit 2021

In August, we were proud sponsors of Dev Innovation Summit 2021 hosted by DevNetwork. Our CEO and co-founder, Surbhi Rathore, shared how you can maximize the potential of your conversation data across many verticals with CI. Learn how your specific use case or business can leverage the power of Conversation Intelligence in the following discussion. Watch now.

  • API World 2021

Another awesome DevNetwork event we sponsored was API World 2021 in October! Our co-founder and CTO, Toshish Jawale, chatted about conversation intelligence products and APIs, the difference between domain-specific and domain agnostic CI, and real-life examples of how CI is leveraged in everyday apps. Watch now.

  • VOICE Summit 2021

Closing out the year, we sponsored VOICE Summit 2021 where we focused on how conversational AI is transforming the customer experience. Our Head of Marketing, William Vuong, explored the possibilities of leveraging Conversation Intelligence for extracting useful insights and data from customer conversations across other areas of your company. Watch now.

We’re ready for you, 2022!

Again, thank you so much for making this an awesome year! We’re looking forward to this next chapter of #GROWTH alongside you all. We wish you all a safe and Happy Holidays, see you next year!

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