Conversation data classifiers made simple 

Extract unique insights such as keywords, intent, empathy, entities, and more in real-time with Custom Trackers.

Create and deploy Custom Trackers in just minutes with our APIs.

Extract any insights from any conversation’s Custom Trackers, powered by contextual understanding AI, enables developers to track unique insights in real-time from any conversations, across all channels.

Open Domain

Instantly analyze and extract insights from natural human conversations with no upfront ML training required.

Create and Deploy in Minutes

Easily create and configure your trackers by simply providing a few related keywords and phrases in JSON.

Contextual Similarity Recognition

Automatically identify contextually related words and phrases such that more than just exact matches are returned.

  • Works in Real-Time or Asynchronously – Extract insights from conversations as they are happening and/or from recorded files
  • Secure and comprehensive APIs – Create, update, and deploy custom trackers by simply hitting a few endpoints
  • Tracker Libraries – Create your own Trackers or simply leverage a library of configurable templates

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Custom Trackers is only one of the many conversation intelligence (CI) capabilities you get access to with your free developer account. Access a whole suite of comprehensive APIs for speech-to-text functionalities, contextual insights, programmable insights, analytics, and more.

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