Auto extract and organize all your conversations by topics that matter.

Dynamically detect relevant topics from unstructured conversation data in real-time, with our context-based topic modeling features.

Topic Variations

Detect extracted, abstract and/or hierarchical topics from your conversation data.

Topic Level Sentiment

Understand sentiment for for all important topics in your conversations.

Not Your Typical Topic Modeling

Our context-aware model enhances the relevance of topics detected in conversations.

Topic Scope

Map topics to the relevant sections of the transcript.

Topic Rank

Filter topics by the most important themes in a conversation.


Start extracting topics immediately without any configurations or training required.

Use Cases

Search and Accessibility

Process thousands of audio and video files in minutes and use Symbl’s topic model to create a searchable index to organize and understand your customer data.

Realtime Call Analysis

Highlight the most important topics your customers are talking about as they happen, and create intelligent workflows to assist your sales rep or customer support agent to create the best customer outcomes possible.

Content Discovery

Analyze virtually any conversation-based content- webinars, business meetings, online courses- and create dynamic experiences to match your audience with the content they care about.


Conversation Topics Docs

Learn how to quickly get started with Conversation Topics.

Topics in Real-time

Extract topics from conversations in real-time.

API Playground

See how Topics work with a single click in our API playground ( account login is required).