Build and Extend Applications with Conversation Intelligence At Scale

Real-time Transcription

Process and transcribe conversations across any channel in real-time or asynchronously.

Video, Audio, and

Process and transcribe conversations across any channel in real-time or asynchronously


Generate more comprehensive transcripts with auto speaker separation action phrase detection, custom vocabulary and auto paragraph generation

Supports Multiple
Languages & Accents

Over 20 languages and different accents are supported by our speech recognition models

Conversation Analytics

Analyze and measure speaker interaction and conversation patterns:

  • Sentence Level Sentiments
  • Speaker ratio
  • Speaker(s) overlap percentage
  • Speaker(s) pace
  • Speaker(s) talk time
  • Speaker(s) words per minute

Summaries and Actionable Insights

Enable contextual comprehension of natural human conversations

Classify What Matters with Trackers

Create and configure trackers for detecting user intents, spotting keywords, tracking entities, and more

Contextual Relevance

Track and identify unique insights not just through keywords, but also through contextual relevance

Quick and

Easily create and configure your custom trackers by providing a few simple relevant keywords

Easy to

Create multiple trackers, update in bulk, and edit and delete whenever you want compliments the products your team uses everyday. We are agnostic, flexible, and play well with others.

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