Who we are and what we do

We are an early-stage venture-backed startup that is using AI to democratize conversational tech to make collaboration effortless. We created a new category of voice tech infrastructure – “Conversational Intelligence as a Service”. Symbl’s conversational intelligence API unlocks proprietary machine learning algorithms that integrate with a brand’s communication systems to identify and highlight priorities, actions, and insights born from verbal workforce collaboration in real-time.

Our tech partners

Symbl partners with the industry’s best technology companies that operate at the forefront of AI/ ML.

Our investors

We are proud to be backed by some of the top names in tech.

Meet our awesome team

Surbhi Rathore

CEO & co-founder

Toshish Jawale

CTO & co-founder

Anthony Claudia

Head of Product

Vikram Modgil

Head of Growth

Photo of William Vuong
William Vuong

Head of Marketing

Ansup Babu

Lead Data Scientist

Arjun Chouhan

Senior AI Software Engineer

Sekhar Vallath

Data Scientist

Chitra Bhardwaj

NLP Engineer

Ankeeth Suvarna

Full Stack Developer

Rohit Ghongade

QA Analyst

Rajath D.M

Product Marketing Manager

Rahul Mate

NLP Engineer

Aditya Warade

Product Analyst

Mayur N

Principle DevOps Engineer

Priyanka Nagpal

Director – Finance & Operations

Swara Rowtu

Junior Designer

Pratik Budruk

NLP Engineer

Manoj Mali

Senior Full Stack Developer

Harpreet Vishnoi

Product Owner

Guy Sapir

Senior Solutions Architect

Prithvi Raj Malhotra

Sales Operations Analyst

Falguni Shah

Business Operations Manager

Shivani Srivastava

Technical Product Manager

Photo of Abhay Dalvi
Abhay Dalvi

Development Manager

Neeraj Chaudhary

Solutions Engineer

Anuja Das

People Operations Manager

Daniel Moon

UI/UX Engineer

Matthew Huck

API Support Engineer

Adam Voliva

Full Stack Engineer

Deva Dedios

Developer Marketing Manager

Ankita Naik

Senior Software QA Engineer

Akanksha Bhasin

Community Evangelist

Pema Sherpa

Senior Technical Writer

Vaibhav Patil

Technical Architect

Shailesh Patel

Site Reliability Engineer 

Rishabh Chaturvedi

Full Stack Developer

Ambar Bhusari

Principal UX Designer

Eric Giannini

Lead Developer Advocate

Harshad Velapure

Site Reliability Engineer

Mansi Kulkarni

QA Analyst

Shivam Balikondwar

Full Stack Developer

Janhavi Sathe

Associate Solutions Engineer

Alvyn Abranches

Data QA Engineer

Apurva Save

QA Analyst

Snehal Jog

Senior Director of Engineering

Clarity Anderson

Chief Of Staff

Marcelo Jabali

Partner Relations and Engineering Director

Join our family of builders working to amplify human conversations.