Remote Collaboration Platforms

Increase productivity for every meeting attendee with advanced conversation intelligence

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Easily integrate advanced conversation intelligence capabilities into your remote collaboration applications to increase productivity for all users. Improve experience for end users whether meetings are held on your own platform or other popular tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Real-time Transcription and Topics

Use Transcription Plus for accurate closed captioning, natively in your application. Surface key topics as they happen and create dynamic workflows in-meeting.

Aggregate Meeting Data

Analyze thousands of video or audio meetings and surface key topics and insights creating a searchable and shareable resource for your team.

Integrate and Share Anywhere, Anytime

Create integrations with virtually any other tool or platform to create a collaboration experience custom-tailored to your team. Integrate to-do’s directly with your favorite calendar, log follow up items to your CRM, send meeting summaries to Slack or any other meeting application.

  • Integrate with any meeting platform
  • Get low-latency intelligent out-of-the-box topics, questions, action items, and more
  • Ingest and analyze voice, video, and text data with a single platform, including support for PSTN, SIP, RTMP and recording formats in real-time and asynchronously
  • Share short summaries of conversations for quicker and more seamless collaboration

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Sentiment Analysis

Auto detect and analyze sentiment from any conversation

Conversation Topics

Auto extract and organize all any conversation by relevant topics

Custom Trackers

Conversation data classifiers for extracting unique business insights

Conversation Analytics

Analyze and measure speaker interaction and conversation patterns

Transcription Plus

Real-time, intelligent transcription for video, audio, and text