Conversation Analytics

Analyze and measure speaker interactions and conversation patterns with a few simple APIs.

Granular conversation insights with a simple GET request to our Conversation Analytics API

Uncover Critical Intelligence from all Conversations

Mine and analyze conversations to understand critical speaker dynamics and optimize interactive experiences.

Speaker Analytics APIs

Understand participant talk time, silence, and interruptions to see how conversations unfold with our analytics APIs.

Real-time Sentiment Analysis

Extract sentence and topic level sentiment polarity to understand emotional context with our sentiment API.

Speaker Pace

Calculate the words per minute for each participant.

  • Silence - Identify the period in which speakers did not speak.
  • Speaker Ratio - Extract total talk time for each speaker as a percentage of the total conversation.
  • Talk Time - Monitor how much time each speaker spent talking.
  • Overlap - Identify how often speakers are talking over each other.

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