Your Conversations are Secure

The security standards we adhere to and our approach to user and data privacy.  Taking the best measures from the start to the end. Going from building an MVP to Enterprise Deployment, protect your conversations right from the first call. 

Platform Overview: The platform is powered by our proprietary conversation understanding engine that helps amplify conversations by surfacing the things that matter.  We enable the experience to passively listen to the conversation and recommend insights based on context. The entire conversation is also indexed and converted into structured outcomes – key topics, actions, ideas, etc to drastically reduce the time to traverse the full transcript too. 

The out of the box experience of representing and interacting with both real-time and post conversation data – provides users with controls to edit information, share or flow the information to another product as per the application use case. The AI/ML engine constantly learns from the user interaction feedback and improves with more accurate and relevant information. 

User Data Privacy 

User Data

Using fully encrypted connections, the following fully encrypted user information may be made available when processing a meeting: email addresses of the meeting participants, name of the meeting participants if provided, phone number of participant joining from a phone. This fully encrypted information is required for the correct identification of participants. 

Data Layer Protection

Further, when using data in machine learning models, Data Layer Protection is applied to remove all user-specific information and all personally identifiable information (PII) is masked. Thusly anonymized text data will be used to train the intelligence engine for better performance and higher accuracy in meeting insights.

User Consent

As part of your implementation process, you can choose to add a user consent both at onboarding end users on the capability and also before every conversation is analyzed. The API lets you add specific functions at different stages of your own application to handle the privacy of users in the best possible way.

Cloud platform and Logs

All data is hosted in GCP in the USA region and leverages server-side encryption provided by Google Cloud Platform. All incoming requests to Symbl systems are authenticated and validated at the time of authentication.

Google Cloud provides an extensive list of compliance and regulatory assurances, including SOC 3, and ISO 27001. See Google’s compliance and security documents for more detailed information. Further, all access is logged and audited regularly. Logs are maintained for a minimum of 3 months, and hosted on GCP whilst encrypted at rest. 

Data security

End to End Encryption

All the data on the Symbl platform is encrypted, and all connections are secured using 2048 bit AES encryption. Over the wire, data is encrypted using RSA 2048 bit keys. At rest, data is encrypted using AES-256.

No audio recording

By default, no audio recordings are stored. In special cases, in which storing is required, audio recordings are securely stored and are encrypted at rest using 2048 bit RSA. By default, all of the data is hosted in the GCP cloud and is encrypted at rest.