Conversation Analytics

Analyze and measure speaker interaction and conversation patterns.

Leverage’s Conversation Analytics to understand customer experience, agent engagement, call satisfaction, and more.

Speaker Dynamics

Understand participant talk time, silence, and interruptions to create a comprehensive behavioral view of how conversations unfold.

Real Time Sentiment Analysis

Extract sentence level sentiment polarity to understand emotional context in mission critical conversations.

Topic Level Sentiment

In conjunction with’s powerful Topic API extract aspect-based sentiment.

Speaker Pace

Calculate the words per minute for each participant.

Speaker Ratio

Extract total talk time for each speaker as a percentage of the total conversation.

Talk Time

Monitor how much time each speaker spent talking.


Monitor how much time each speaker were silent during the conversation.


Identify how often speakers are talking over each other.

Use Cases

Customer Satisfaction

Understand speaker engagement, talk time, silence, and sentiment to analyze customer satisfaction and take action to improve outcomes of sales and customer care calls.

Agent Performance

Analyze the conversation dynamics of top performing customer care agents or sales reps and create a repeatable recipe for success.

Realtime Call Mitigation

Detect when calls are at-risk or customer satisfaction is falling and create agent-assist workflows to adapt the call-flow in real time.


Sentiment API Reference

Easily analyze the sentiment of your conversations with our Sentiment API.

Analytics Docs

More details on all the analytics you can extract from your conversations.

Real-time Sentiment

Analyze sentiment in real-time.